Smart Opportunities for the Financing Options Now

The most difficult thing to come is to generate income while keeping your editing as discreet as possible.

You probably have several questions now:

  • How to transfer funds to my offshore account?
  • How to use the funds placed in my offshore account?
  • Which billing scheme to adopt?

What we recommend to get the funds out of the offshore account:

  • organize indirect transfers , use several offshore companies, start with companies based in “respectable” countries (UK for example), then transfer the funds to the offshore account
  • establish benefit contracts to justify all your bills
  • make regular and progressive payments : these are 2 indicators used by the tax authorities
  • work with foreign customers who can pay directly to your offshore account

If you are well advised you can also use the system of Royalties, Intellectual Property or License to transfer your funds, like Google and Double-Irish for example

What not to do to get funds out of the offshore account

  • Never transfer funds directly to your offshore account, especially not from one of your personal or professional French accounts: your banker would pass the information to the taxman
  • Never ask your French customers to pay an invoice on your offshore account: the risk of denunciation is too important. With the accounts receivable financing this happens to be a very important task.

Have only 1 client: the tax department immediately detects this kind of practice

To use the funds placed in your offshore account, or repatriate them to France:

You can establish a reverse billing scheme: if your offshore account is powered directly by your foreign customers, you can repatriate funds through invoices, and thus finance your activity in France. But beware of the risk of having only 1 customer or 1 very large majority customer: the tax authorities do not like it.

You can buy real estate through your companies

  • You can place your funds (in insurance contracts for example) and organize your estate
  • For small expenses: you will be able to use the bank card of your offshore account for your food needs, and preferably during holidays abroad. In France, a bank card bearing your name is traced very easily.
  • By setting foot in the offshore, you put one foot abroad and possibly the 2: depending on the success of your activity it will be necessary to consider more to leave France – even temporarily – to regularize your situation.


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