Essential Power Gloves For Your Requirements Now

When doing work or repairs on an electrical installation, it is important to protect yourself in order not to be electrocuted. Electrification is when the current passes through the body to go through the ground. In some cases, depending on the voltage and intensity in particular, this electrification can be fatal: it is an electrocution. To avoid electrocution, there are several precautions you can take.

Cut power

The first thing to do is to turn off the power. For this, simply lower the circuit breaker of the room concerned, in the switchboard that is usually located next to the EDF electricity meter. If you are not sure which is the right breaker, you can lower the main circuit breaker to go back to the end of the work. In some cases for older models, it is necessary to press a red button to extinguish and a green button once the work is completed. This precaution is usually

Equipped with a screwdriver sheathed

Turning off the power is important, but in some cases, if you are not familiar with the installation, there are risks that some parts may still be dangerous. To avoid the risk of electrocution, care should be taken to prevent conductivity of the current with the ground. If you work with a screwdriver (in most cases then), it is helpful to choose a special electrician screwdriver that will be insulated at the handle. Thus, if you hold your screwdriver by its handle, you do not risk anything.

Use insulating gloves

When access to the installation is difficult, there may be a risk that hands will come into contact with dangerous items, even with an insulated screwdriver. For this, an effective solution is to use insulating gloves (yellow, orange / red). The powerglove is very often used by electricians and can greatly reduce the risks.

  • Insulating gloves
  • Insulating Electrician Gloves

Use safety shoes

The safety shoes are equipped with an insulating sole, which makes it possible to cut the contact between the body and the ground. It is one of the most effective tools to avoid electrocution since as long as there is no contact with the ground, there is no risk of electrocution. Even if the price is a bit high, it is a big investment for your safety if you often work on an electrical installation

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