Danger Reduction Through Proper Load Securing – These Basic Rules Must Be Observed

So that the loadboardscargo is secured: basic rules that reduce the dangers! Nowadays, it is becoming increasingly common for unsecured loads on vehicles to cause serious traffic accidents. However, if cargoes are transported by public means, the consignor, the driver and the holder of the vehicle are obliged to ensure that this does not endanger them. So the entire load must be properly secured.

Hazard reduction through proper load securing

Lack of protection is now an issue that is becoming more current for all those who are active in the entire transport industry, because unfortunately, in respect of the loading of goods, the most important basic rules regarding the securing of the cargo ignored – here you put this now before:

In all cases you should use a suitable vehicle and the cargo should be stowed so that it can neither tip over, nor slip, or in the worst case fall. Of course you should also make sure that the cargo is not damaged by the stowage and subsequent backup and thus remains intact. The emphasis of the load should lie in the median longitudinal plane of the vehicle and also be kept as low as possible. In any case, attention should be paid to the permissible total mass and as far as the permissible loads of the axles are concerned, these must not be exceeded, but the minimum loads of the axles for transport must not be undercut. As far as the speed of transport is concerned, it goes without saying

Special anti-slip bars made of rubber are a new way to transport a load safely, because with various heavy loads, a load, which is secured only with a lashing chain or a lashing strap, often not enough and also does not meet the requirements. For permanent use, these anti-slip beams are a good investment and also more cost effective. Accordingly, these principles are considered obligations so that it does not damage the goods during transport and – in the worst case – to a traffic accident. The question then is, namely, who has to pay for the costs. The use of the loadboards is the best now. The fine options are effective in this case now.

Basics of load securing

Every day, thousands of Lorries, hereafter referred to as trucks, deliver vast amounts of goods from A to B throughout the country or even internationally to many other countries in the world.

You can always read or read in many media that the safety on the streets is steadily decreasing. This is mainly due to trucks that are either traveling at very high speeds or have not been properly checked for defects for a long time and that damage to tires, heavy profile wear or other damage has not been repaired correctly or not at all. Another cause of accidents or incidents on Germany’s roads could be the wrong or incomplete load securing of trucks. Time to take a closer look at the basic of cargo safety.

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