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As we leap into the wonders of May, ask yourself this highly important question: What is the current climate of your home space? Is it a winter wonderland storm where different patterned pieces of clothing hang off your futons like icicles and your floors are drenched in hordes of snow piles? Is it like the spring when blooming flowers are making their way through your floorboards in the form of old socks and shorts? Or is it clean like summer, minimalist with the faint scent of febreeze guava in the air? No matter what climate you may be dealing with, it’s time to shake things up for good with a handy take on your cool surfer life. It’s highly possible that if you’re in the terrain of spring or winter, then you are leading a life full of disconnected energy with heaps of unnecessary, unopened papers lingering around your desk or those blouses and skirts that need to go to the tailor. Handy has worked for almost a decade in the cleaning services industry and has had their go around at discovering what organizational hacks work and don’t in their customers’ homes. They’ve passed on their golden lessons to all those who will listen and take these resolves into their own life.


Are you a contender of these obviously bad cleaning and organizational habits? Ask yourself this one pertinent question and clear them through your energy chakras to let those good habits stick and stay for long.


Are you the type who procrastinates on storing your items?

Monday turns into Friday and your home resembles a scene from the Jurassic Park. Are you in the habit of working out straight after work, in which case you’ll quickly grab a bite to eat after rushing home from work, changing into your work out gear (therefore throwing your work clothes on your bed) and then getting back into your car. You then arrive back home feeling more exhausted than when you arrived, washing all the sweat away in the shower and getting into your pyjamas. Break this habit right now, because it will only cause you unnecessary stress over the weekend to then go crazy turbo on cleaning up your floors. The handy rule to follow is to keep your laundry hamper in your closet and quickly sort what can be re-worn and what needs to be put in the basket.



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