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All products to vacuum: Vacuum tips and tricks

Vacuuming is the removal of air from a package to protect and preserve its contents: food, household, industrial, etc. Particularly effective for the preservation of food, vacuum is now also used in catering for some cooking.

Preservation through Vacuum

Vacuum feedthrough packaging optimizes the preservation of food, household and industrial products, etc.

The shelf life of food products under vacuum is 3 to 5 times longer than under normal storage conditions. Vacuuming effectively blocks oxygen and the microorganisms responsible for the fermentation process, which deteriorates and contaminates food.

In the industry, vacuum packaging is used to protect products during storage and transportation, to save money and avoid fraud.

Vacuum cooking

This cooking technique is very popular because it preserves the integrity and organoleptic qualities of food. It consists in cooking slowly and at low temperature the food and preparations previously packaged under vacuum. Particularly tasty, it also promotes the reduction of food waste and better flexibility and organization in the kitchen.

How to pack well under vacuum

  • Pack foods when they are as low as possible; this avoids the temperatures at risk and the food will not release steam detrimental to the machine. Vacuum-packed hot foods can generate undesirable water vapor inside the vacuum bag.
  • The packaging of cold liquids, more dense, avoids their overflow of the vacuum bag. For some foods, the cold generates a better structuring of the flesh that allows them to better withstand the effects of pressure. In some cases (seafood), it even gives a chill of the product by plunging it into the icy water.
  • Pack liquids in bags that are long enough and wide to prevent them from overflowing. The liquid tends to inflate the bag during evacuation and to escape through the part where suction takes place.
  • Make sure that the opening of the soldering bag is always clean, flat and free of creases.
  • Reinforce hygiene measures as much as possible: cleaning and disinfection.
  • Choose the vacuum bags according to the machine and the products to be packaged.
  • Labeling: the packaged product must be labeled. The labeling system may vary, but there is always a minimum amount of data: bag contents and useful life. The usual information is: the name of the product, its date of elaboration, its expiry date, the person in charge of the elaboration, the number of the elaboration, the function or recipient of the elaboration and the place of storage.


How to choose a baby stroller

If you choose a wheelchair for the first time and are not familiar with the features of vehicles for children, then a lot of questions arise when choosing. Stop on a classic stroller, modular or transformer? Is it worth buying a Double stroller in Canada for walking, when the child grows up, or prefer universal? To make the right choice, you need to carefully study the available information and consult with experienced friends and relatives who are already riding in the strollers of their children. In addition to the individual requirements and wishes of each parent, it is worth considering additional factors: the presence of an elevator, the frequency of using public transport and even the growth of parents. In addition to the answers to these and other questions, the article will help you understand the assortment of modern strollers and choose a model that is really suitable for you and the baby.

Where to begin?

The starting point from which to start choosing a stroller for your baby is, undoubtedly, the type of its design. All wheelchair models are conditionally divided into two main classes:

  • Specialized strollers designed for children of a certain age, namely: for newborn babies – recumbent (classic), and for older children – sedentary (walking).
  • Universal strollers that are suitable for children of any age and are used throughout the entire period of time from the birth of the child and as long as he needs to travel in the stroller. Such models combine a recumbent and sedentary option. This is the famous strollers-transformers and universal strollers with a modular system.

There is another special category of strollers designed for twins. However, they require special consideration.

Classics of the genre

Carriages for newborns (classic) are strollers with a high basket cradle (basket) and an improved chassis designed for children up to 6-8 months, that is, for a period while the infant is lying down and cannot sit on its own. Their main function is to best ensure a quiet sleep of the baby in the first months of his life.

Hence, in fact, the main advantages of these models follow. The flat horizontal surface of the sleeper contributes to the formation of healthy spine crumbs. Unlike the walking version and the strollers-transformers, the cradle has a solid straight bottom without kinks, due to which the baby’s back is in the most correct position. Secondly, it should be noted a high level of safety, which provides the child with a cradle with a rigid frame. It is located high from the ground and is made of impact-resistant materials with a waterproof outer covering and warm covers.

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